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Couples Intensives

I see many couples in an intensive three day process of 4 hours per day, which is an effective way to dislodge long-seated problems that aren’t improving with traditional weekly or bi-weekly therapy. There is an efficiency to this model. Many couples find that coming to beautiful Boulder, Colorado to focus exclusively on improving their relationship re-sets the course of their life together. The schedule allows us to dive deep in session, and provides integration time for you to connect with each other.

The benefits of the intensive model include thoroughly addressing every aspect of the relationship that needs attention in a safe and supportive environment. Couples gain new clarity about issues they have not been able to resolve, and how to apply that new knowledge in ways that help them move forward, leading to a closer and more satisfying relationship.

It’s my job to structure our time together so that you are actually doing something differently with each other, not just talking about your problems, and I will create a variety of experiences tailored to your goals so that you have the ability to practice being successful with each other. Because this process involves experiential learning, you are most likely to remember how to respond to one another once you complete the intensive. I will also give you an audio recording for future study that reviews the work we did together, and that reminds each of you of your specific relational tasks.

My office is walking distance from Pearl Street, the historic Hotel Boulderado and the St. Julien Hotel & Spa.

Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a couple intensive.